OFFICIAL DEBUT of Impulse Gallery

The first group exhibition at Impulse gallery

We are IMPULSE GALLERY - a family of international artists. In an often elitist art market, Impulse Gallery stands for transparency, creativity, and diversity. We represent emerging and established international artists, each acclaimed in their own field. It's the love for art that drives us together. It pushes us to cross boundaries, to take risks - to be impulsive.


Our first debut exhibition "IMPULSE" introduces you to a diverse group of established and upcoming artists. While our ten artists greatly differ from one another in terms of media and approach, their commonalities are found in the balance between their instinctive, spontaneous yet detailed artistic processes that result in the originality of their individual styles. Their art as a discursive space reconfiguring the lines between human and nature, darkness and light, between reality and fantasy, comes together as a symphony of sensations. Regardless of the materiality and textuality of these works, all of our artists have a gift of conveying stories through their craft, allowing the viewers’ minds to travel and interact with art that reinvents the way we see and perceive. 



April 22, 2021
of 13