International Contemporary Art Gallery



In an often elitist art market, Impulse Gallery stands for transparency and approachability, cultivating a place of innovation driven by the principles of equality and diversity for seasoned and aspiring art collectors alike. We represent established artists, each acclaimed in their own field, including Lita Cabellut (Spain), Zhuang Hong-yi (China), Marc LaGrange (Belgium), Willi Siber (Germany), Julian Voss-Andreae (USA), alongside emerging names like Claudia Limacher (Switzerland),  Maxim Wakultschik (Belarus), Lu Luo (China), Alan Kingsbury (UK), and Pieter Obels (Dutch).  


With more than 20 years of preceding experience in the art world and a modern gallery space of over 400 square meters in the heart of Lucerne, we are committed to supporting artists through offering our unique space as a platform for them to express their creativity to those who share our love for art worldwide: to you. Committed to the importance of art as inspiring thought, perception, and reflection, in a contemporary society that moves at an ever-increasing speed, the Gallery firmly believes the critical role of artistry as a space of (re)negotiating our own beliefs of the past, present, and future. 


At Impulse Gallery, we frimly value the making, sharing, and collecting of art because it is part of who we are – creativity is what drives us, it keeps us alive as that which we live for, together. It pushes us to explore boundaries, to take risks, and to be impulsive. Visit our gallery at Haldenstrasse 19 in Lucerne or contact us at to continue your journey with us in the highly collectible world of contemporary art today.