Impulse Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Lucerne in Switzerland. Founded in 2020 by Claudia Limacher and Tim Zhuang, the gallery represents both emerging and established (inter)national artists in its historical modern space of over 450 square meters.
Impulse Gallery is built on the idea of art as community, as a place for artists to share their work with art enthusiasts and art collectors alike. With its curatorial expertise and a diverse range of exhibitions each year, the gallery supports the careers of its artists from all over the world including the US, the Netherlands, China, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland amongst others.
Based on the core values of diversity and creativity, Impulse Gallery closely works with its artists and features a multitude of artistic disciplines. The gallery operates on an international level in its mission as a leading gallery of the city of Lucerne: to share the works of its acclaimed artists with both aspiring and seasoned collectors from all walks of life.
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