Dare to be creative. Dare to be impulsive.

Impulse Gallery is built on the idea of art as community, as the meeting place for people from all roads of life coming together to share their passions and affections – their stories. Committed to the importance of art as inspiring thought, perception, and reflection, in a contemporary society that moves at an ever-increasing speed, Impulse Gallery firmly believes in the critical role of artistry as a space of (re)negotiating our own beliefs of the past, present, and future.


In an often unaccommodating, elitist art market, we stand for transparency and approachability, cultivating a place of innovation driven by the principles of merit, equality, and diversity. Acting as a platform that moves across physical and virtual spaces, the gallery represents global and local artist to engage with an art industry that is in constant flux, expanding our reach to those who share our love for art worldwide. The discourse of the creative and visual arts is that what makes us human with a natural creative impulse as its vital impetus.


At Impulse Gallery, we believe in the making and sharing of art because it is part of who we are – creativity is what drives us, it keeps us alive as that which we live for, together. It pushes us to explore boundaries, to take risks, to be Impulsive.