Dylan Gebbia-Richards


"My art is visual but the mental information I use to create this work comes from a kinesthetic sense about the work, rather than a visual or analysis of it."

Colorado-based artist Dylan Gebbia-Richards, brings insight into his transcendent works in which the organic is appropriated by the artificial. Inspired by fractals - or the ‘expanding symmetry’  seen at all scales in the patterns of the natural world, from river deltas down to the microscopic arrangements of veins in our body - Dylan has created a number of colossal organic wax sculptures which pay homage to these observable patterns. His works, with their technicolour palette, create an inviting synthetic environment which delight, disorientate and ultimately consume the viewer. Dylan sees his studio as an organic microclimate, where he carefully orchestrates, but ultimately does not control the reactions that produce the intricate patterns in his artworks.


Gebbia-Richards paintings are a symphony of rich colour and densely constructed texture. Through his innovative process using wax, pigment, and resin, Gebbia-Richards aims to reinvent how we perceive nature. Whether its mountain ranges, molten rock from an erupted volcano, vibrant coral reefs, or even cavernous rock formations, the viewer can’t help but recognize his sources of inspiration. Gebbia-Richards’ paintings quite literally jump off the canvas, transporting the viewer into another dimension that deems both familiar and otherworldly.  Although his paintings vary in size, they each spark an experience of unparalleled proportion. Their undulating forms, prismatic pigments, and protruding texture captivate the senses and send them on a memorable adventure.


Installation shots
  • Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Distortions, 2021
    Dylan Gebbia-Richards
    Distortions, 2021
    Pigment on paraffin wax
    81 x 71 cm
    31 ⅞ x 28 in
  • Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Luna, 2021
    Dylan Gebbia-Richards
    Luna, 2021
    Pigment on paraffin wax
    60 x 42 cm
    23 ⅝ x 16 ½ in
  • Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Above the Clouds, 2020
    Dylan Gebbia-Richards
    Above the Clouds, 2020
    Pigment on paraffin wax
    244 x 183 x 25 cm
    96 1/8 x 72 1/8 x 9 7/8 in
  • Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Home in the Fire, 2020
    Dylan Gebbia-Richards
    Home in the Fire, 2020
    Pigment on paraffin wax
    168 x 168 x 46 cm
    66 1/8 x 66 1/8 x 18 1/8 in
  • Dylan Gebbia-Richards, Dust to Dust, 2019
    Dylan Gebbia-Richards
    Dust to Dust, 2019
    Pigment on paraffin wax
    122 x 91 x 28 cm
    48 1/8 x 35 7/8 x 11 1/8 in

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