Flowers, fruits, landscapes, and other memories: Shen Xiaotong, Lu Luo, Zhuang Hong-yi, and He Tianqi

9 February - 25 March 2023
Impulse Gallery is delighted to present “Flowers, Fruits, Landscapes, and other Memories”. The exhibition focuses on the work of contemporary Chinese artists Shen Xiaotong (沈晓彤), Lu Luo (罗璐), Zhuang Hong-yi (庄红艺), and He TianQi (贺天琪) whose artistic practices, despite their different perspectives, find a common ground in the expression of the sensibilities and effects of everyday life.
Shen Xiaotong explores the art of portrait, still life and landscape with the use of a limited palette of colours, often even only a single colour. This exhibition at Impulse Gallery forms the official debut of the artist's work in Switzerland. Shen Xiaotong has participated in some of the most significant Chinese contemporary art exhibitions and makes his official debut in Switzerland at Impulse Gallery. Previous exhibitions of Shen Xiaotong included the China Avant-Garde, 1989, Beijing and New Art from China: Post-1989, Hong Kong. He held his first solo exhibition in Beijing in 1994 and more recently in 2022, the Long Museum in Shanghai honoured him with the retrospective “Shen Xiaotong´s painting” solo exhibition.
Childhood recollections, still lives, and landscapes are recurring themes in the work of almost all artists.  The way of capturing them, however, differs not only in technique but also in the form in which the impression or memory has been perceived and subsequently expressed through the individual language of each artist.