"My sculptures come about spontaneously, as the result of improvisation."

Pieter Obels is a master of Corten steel. His works convey light and grace as he bends the steel into extraordinarily delicate and winding shapes. The two artistic worlds couldn’t be further apart - as if we were watching the yin and yang of the same material. In spite of the fact that steel is generally considered rough and austere, Obels’ sculptures are able to express all of  the intrinsic possibilities of the material. When one wonders at Pieter Obels’  figures of steel and the curves he manages to give his material, feelings of strength and flow arise. 


Through a clever interplay of rigidity and dynamism, Obels’ work occupies a space deftly lingering between a sense of weight and weightlessness. His sculptures completely confound our perceptions of how a steel sculpture should look like and behave.  Obels’ aim is to create totally organic forms with an extreme yet somehow innate sense of plasticity. This sense of a natural rhythm makes his sculptures sit with a total oneness in any natural surrounding. 

Working alone without assistants, Obels has permitted this aspect to dominate his works while also emphasizing the elegant quality that they possess. Although totally contemporary, there is a strong wistfulness for a bygone age which favoured poetry over power and  nature over industrial noise. The sense of a precarious balance which many of his works have, play beautifully with the apparent contradiction inherent in his material.


Installation shots
  • Pieter Obels, Hushley Repeated Waves, 2022
    Pieter Obels
    Hushley Repeated Waves, 2022
    Corten steel on wooden base
    80 x 82 x 75 cm
    31 ½ x 32 ¼ x 29 ½ in
  • Pieter Obels, Sputteringly Loud, 2022
    Pieter Obels
    Sputteringly Loud, 2022
    Corton steel on wooden base
    175 x 75 x 90 cm
    68 ⅞ x 29 ½ x 35 ⅜ in
  • Pieter Obels, Startled Expressions II, 2022
    Pieter Obels
    Startled Expressions II, 2022
    Corten steel on wooden base
    75 x 78 x 60 cm
    Wooden base: 100 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Pieter Obels, A Desire for Proximity, 2021
    Pieter Obels
    A Desire for Proximity, 2021
    Corten steel
    105 x 195 x 135 cm
  • Pieter Obels, Elasticity, 2018
    Pieter Obels
    Elasticity, 2018
    Corten steel
    160 x 180 x 110 cm
  • Pieter Obels, Slithery ways
    Pieter Obels
    Slithery ways
    Corten steel
    150 x 160 x 110 cm
    59 x 63 x 43 ¼ in

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