"My sculptures come about spontaneously, as the result of improvisation."
Pieter Obels, born in 1968 in the Netherlands, has the exceptional ability to transform Corten steel into ethereal and graceful forms which challenges conventional expectations and elevates him to a distinguished position within the contemporary art world. By exploring the material's inherent potential and pushing its boundaries, Obels captivates both art enthusiasts and collectors with his innovative approach to sculpture. His works not only embody the harmonious balance between strength and fluidity but also evoke a sense of nostalgia, celebrating the beauty of nature and organic forms in contrast to the industrial world.
Obels' mastery of Corten steel demonstrates a deep understanding of the medium and its possibilities, resulting in sculptures that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings. The precarious balance achieved in his works resonates with the viewer, provoking a sense of wonder and appreciation for the artist's skill in manipulating such a rigid material. Collectors are drawn to Obels' creations for their unique blend of contemporary techniques and timeless aesthetics, as well as their ability to evoke emotions through their seemingly contradictory nature.
Ultimately, Pieter Obels' work transcends the limitations of traditional steel sculpture and establishes him as an influential figure in the contemporary art scene. His dedication to creating organic forms with an innate sense of plasticity showcases the true versatility of Corten steel and inspires both artists and collectors alike to reimagine the boundaries of artistic expression.
Installation shots

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