Introducing: Zhuang Hong-yi

Artist Representation

IMPULSE GALLERY is honoured to announce the official representation of one of the leading Chinese contemporary artists today: Zhuang Hong-yi. 


Characterised by daringly-bold colour palettes, Hong-yi's sophisticated, repetitive, and precise floral motifs both reflect his Chinese background and integrate a Western allure as a universal symbol of prosperity and optimism. Zhuang Hong-yi's well known and highly collected Flowerbed works are crafted from delicate pieces of painted rice paper, which he has bent and folded into hundreds of tiny buds that subtly shift colours as you move your body and eyes from one side of the work to the other. The floral hybrids evince an artist with genuine sensibility - the painstaking process of folded rice-paper layered with acrylic and oil paint belies an almost ascetic level of discipline. Stay tuned for future exhibitions and events of Zhuang Hong-yi right at Impulse Galler.y





April 1, 2021
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