Solo Exhibition by Zhuang Hong-yi

Impulse Gallery is excited to launch the first major solo exhibition featuring Zhuang Hong-yi and his latest works including the brand new « BLOSSOM » series.


Cherry blossoms, lotus blossoms, plum blossoms; they all symbolize the transcendent nature of being alive. We bloom, we shed, we decay, we hibernate, and wait for the right light to start the whole process over again. Blossoms spend seasons in disguise until they gloriously reveal themselves in a flurry pastel petalled drama of the sight and the smell: marking another miraculous full trip around the sun. With this exhibition, Impulse Gallery aspires to bring the magic of flowers to Switzerland in close collaboration with the Artist:



« Blossom is my attempt to display the romantic imagining of beauty meandering amidst falling gentleness. Life's beauty is the growing journey through ups and downs. Despite all challenges and negativity, blossoms will always pop-up year after year, providing hope and color when times seem to be despairing; especially during a pandemic. »



August 13, 2021
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