Impulse Gallery x Almighty Tree

Our commitment to plant one tree for every art work

Impulse Gallery aspires to raise awareness and contribute to the global environment in any possible way. For many artists, the inspiration of nature plays an essential and indispensable role in the creative process of their works. Therefore, it is with great delight to announce that Impulse Gallery will be the first-ever art gallery to collaborate with Almighty Tree: a charity foundation dedicated to forestation in Switzerland. For every work that is collected by art enthusiasts at Impulse Gallery, one tree will be planted under their name.


The project is located in a highly ecological area with an interesting diversification of tree species and habitats for flora and fauna. The oak tree is known to contribute the best to the local ecosystem that connects the Alps and the Jura. After cutting down the trees affected by climate change, oak trees are thus planted in this particularly humid region in collaboration with foresters Christoph (Forstbetrieb Mutschellen) and Linus (Wald Focus). Stay tuned as we share the progression of our forestation throughout our journey.




May 22, 2021
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