Impulse Gallery x Light Festival Lucerne

Momentum Infinity Room

Impulse Gallery aspires to bridge the gap between digital and physical art. It is therefore with great excitement to announce our exclusive collaboration with the Light Festival Lucerne Association and Projektil. The digital art project « MOMENTUM » is an immersive environment that awakens curiosity, heightens one’s senses, and evokes an illusion. When stepping inside the infinity room, one gets immersed by the state-of-art technology that allows escaping from reality brought on by the impulse of infinite lights, colors, mirrors, and sounds.

This project was made possible as a result of our collaboration with The Lucerne Light Festival Association, which is famous for the annual winter Lilu Light Festival in Lucerne. During this event, creative light installations are marveled at by tens of thousands of visitors, year after year, as they explore the city guided by the extraordinary light installations. This year the Lucerne Light Festival Association brings that experience to Impulse Gallery in collaboration with the artist collective Projektil, who are known for irradiating buildings, spaces, stages, stadiums, natural landscapes, and churches that result in unique, meaningful, and unforgettable experiences of light.

Given the city of Luzern carries the nickname ‘Leuchtenstadt’ (glowing city), it seems quite fitting that this form of modern light art will be presented in its historical vicinities. Therefore, in addition to the attempt of bridging the gap between digital and physical contemporary art, the project also looks to blend Impulse Gallery’s modern and innovative vision with Luzern’s historical beauty.

Roman Beranek and the Projektil team were immediately excited when presented with the chance to take part in this three-way collaboration. Similarly, Thomas Fritschi, Festival Director of the Lilu Light Festival Lucerne says "We are very happy to have been given this opportunity together with Projektil. This will allow us to bring the many facets of light art closer to art enthusiasts, the population of Lucerne and guests from across Switzerland as well as international tourists this summer".

June 24, 2021
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