Maxim Wakultschik


"With love for detail"

Belarusian Artist Maxim Wakultschik started his artistic journey at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf from where he has created an impressive international following ever since. Wakultschik's art consists of mathematically precise and accurate constructions that create formal order from a chaos of independent elements. In his complex and multilayered objects, he explores the interplay between light and shadow, surface structure and colour vibration. Focusing on the effect of the reflection of the ambient light results in oscillating variations of reality that constantly challenge us to a proactive approach.


His works perpetually change as the slightest movement, the smallest alteration in perspective leads to stunning new impressions, turning his works into kinetic objects. The edges of reality and illusion are blurred and become flexible constructs of the individual, which constantly challenge us to push the boundaries of our perception and to seek inspiration within the smallest of details.


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