Claudia Limacher


"My art shows the realm of life and makes the invisible visible for the viewer to get lost in their own perception"

Born and raised in Germany, Claudia Limacher has lived most of her life in accord with nature, attuned to its gentle yet unrelenting strength. With her art she makes tangible the interplay between woods, lakes, mountains, and the lives that dwell inr their spaces, opening a space in which the viewer gets lost in their own perception.


The impressionist landscapes of sensuous colour, rhythm, and tactility that are embodied on Claudia’s canvasses engulf the viewer in a space that beckons all the senses to participate in the symphony of an impulsive, intuitive, yet delicate paintbrush that plays with the gestural expression of imagination.


Layers of acrylics, oil paint, spray paint, pure pigments and pastels come together in the haze of vision, cultivating a space of meditation – a moment of slowness in a contemporary cult of speed – where an abstract passion leads the viewer to the organic forms of nature to then guide us into the space of the surreal that temporarily interrupts all boundaries of the senses and blurs all lines between interiority and exteriority.


Claudia lives and creates in Lucerne, Switzerland, where she can often be found in her studio whenever she gets the chance. Her works can be found in various private collections in Europe, the US, and Asia.




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